Zachary Bernard

Zachary Bernard is a Canadian entrepreneur and digital marketer. He’s also the Founder and CEO of We Feature You, a Public Relations firm that serves the Real Estate space and other various industries. He empowers his company, other entrepreneurs, and major companies by equipping them with the strategy necessary to reach hundreds of thousands

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After having success in the lead generation space for more then a year, Mark decided it was time to take on new ventures and help people improve their conversion rate using social proof and establishing their authority online, hence why he joined Zach in launching “We Feature You”, a PR agency dedicated to helping industry professionals become authority figures in their line of work.

Mark Habashi

Our Team

Of course we couldn’t do everything we do without our amazing team!

William Angelo Barnedo
William Angelo Barnedo - We Feature You

Account Executive

Alyssa Miller
Alyssa Miller - We Feature You

Media Strategist

Eva Keller
Eva Keller - We Feature You

Media Strategist

Joey Lee
Joey Lee - We Feature You

Account Manager

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