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Zachary Bernard

After working in the agency space for more than a year, Zach loved helping people solve problems using automations and systems, he decided to open Automatly an agency focused on just that, and after knowing he could do more, he to launch a PR agency to revolutionize the public relation space.

Fun Fact : Zach is really good at solving problems and love helping people

Did you know : Zach has been in the entrepreneurship game since he was 14, he started by reselling on eBay and moving onto other popular business models.

Zachary Bernard

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mark habashi


Mark Habashi

After having success in the lead generation space for more then a year, Mark decided it was time to take on new ventures and help people improve their conversion rate using social proof and establishing their authority online, hence why he joined Zach in launching "We Feature You", a PR agency dedicated to helping industry professionals become authority figures in their line of work.

Fun Fact : Mark loves to go to the gym, a little bit too much you might say

Other Company: Imperium Works

Did you know : Mark was able to generate one of their clients 33 B2B meetings in less then 30 days without spending a single dime in adspend?

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