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Creating the exposure, credibility and authority that differentiated you from your competition.

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Who We Are

Welcome to We Feature You!

We Feature You is a Public Relations and Communications Firm that specialized in media placement, media branding and marketing strategies. We work with industry professionals that want to establish themselves as authority in their space.

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What Some Clients Had To Say

Meredith Castin

"I was really blown away about how much more value came with things that I expected, the team created really good content and we did get quite a PR boost and a lot of people reaching out"

Josiah Partin

"The team was really great at helping us improve our digital presence and helped us get in the media"

Leevi Eerola

"Things went really seamlessly, the team at We Feature You handled everything for us and helped us get an article to help with our branding"

Raymond Hendricks

"If you're looking for a good PR firm that is not gonna hurt your pocket and do a great job at getting featured in the media so you can expand your brand, I highly recommend the We Feature You team."

Our Process

There is more to just getting you featured in the media, there is an entire process behind it to take your average industry professional to the "Industry Known Expert"

JR Butler - Yahoo Finance

Let's get

Tell us all about you, we'll start by interviewing you to create a news worthy article for your potential customers or clients to see.

Let's get you published

Get featured in top-tier media websites like Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Forbes, Digital Journal, Entrepreneur, LA Weekly and more!

Let's utilize your articles

It's now time to show you exactly how to implement the strategies that will take you from your average industry professional to the "Industry Known Expert"

Let's do
it again!

Want to get onto bigger news site, get on podcasts, TV interviews? We got you covered!

Have a look at some of our work!

Of course, it's all great that we tell you all of what we do, but why does it matter if you can't see examples? Click below and see some of our past work!


There’s a few ways that media coverage helps, for our clients it’s improved SEO rankings, boosted conversion rates, increased inbound traffic and instilled trust in non-referral leads. Our clients have told us being featured has acted as an amplifier of their current marketing.
Not necessarily. While it does help, our most successful angles are when our clients give expert advice on issues affecting their target market.
No. Your first campaign is pay-per-feature. After that if you wish to repeat working with us, we can install monthly or quarterly plans that allow for cancellation whenever you want, for whatever reason.
Yes, if we’re unable to get you placement in 30-45 days or less we give you a full refund. (Depending on which media publication you want to get featured on)
That depends, we create custom plans that incorporate your goals, needs and budget, book a call so we can decide together what works best.

We work mostly with professionals in the real estate space but we do work with other industry leaders that want to be known as “The Industry Expert”


What we offer

We offer a multitude of services to build you as an industry authority, here's a few of them

Media Publications

Having you or your company showing up on Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider or other similar outlets are ways to provide social proof and brand you as an authority in your industry which will make people want to work with you.

Podcast Placements

Another way we like to establish social proof and gather you more leads at the same time is getting you on a multitude of podcasts related to your niche to give you first an audience and second build yourself as a knowledgeable person in the industry.

TV Interviews

Ever wanted to get on TV for an interview and show the world what you can do and who you are, we can do that as well. And in the same process, make sure you make money out of doing so.

Let's us feature you!

Hey! If you made it down here, it must mean you're serious about becoming an industry leader, book a call below and let's make it happen!